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Friday, April 12, 2013

Poll for PA

I'm letting you decide which one of these that will be next to be transformed to a post apocalyptic monstrum.

From left to right:

Camaro Z28,
Ferrari F50,
Ford Sierra xr4i,
Custom T-bird,
Mercedes ML320.

Leave your vote in a comment below.


  1. I vote for the T bird, having owned one, i have a fondness for them, plus yours is already looking PA with the missing hood.

  2. I cant find a follow button for your blog even after using google translate. I want to follow you, do you have one?

    1. Oh fudge, I had to revert back to the old set up, I was getting a brain hernia from all the crosslinking and g+ and whatever. I've tried to log out and change language but I can't find any button that says follow, just some crap about a "widget" or something.
      I cast my own vote on the Camaro.