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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Previous attempts

Here's a few of my earlier attempts on crafting/modelling. No finished products yet.

Todays work

Today's sunday and I'm at home with my sick daugther. So, while she's watching Snow White, I was in the basement, crafting on a yellow matchbox Mercedes Benz, now renamed Mercyless Bangs.

Bear in mind that I have no actual experience with miniatures or modeling so please be gentle with your comments.

The gun is some kind of harpoon thrower from another swedish car combat game, "Krash", that I disassembled and reassembled as shown. The cockpit is from various drug blister packs.

Halfway through the making I realised that there isn't enough putty in the universe to make this look good, so I just filled up the cracks with glue and primed.

In progress?

This is my freshly started blog about creating a post apocalyptic car combat game.

I'm 38 and used to play a whole lot of role playing and strategic board games when I was a kid but I was never really devoted. One game was etched in my memory however. Combat Cars, the swedish version of Battlecars. I also had a thing for the Road Warrior movie, and still do.

So, fast forward to today. A couple of weeks ago I found Combat Cars in a thrift store an bought it. Then, an idea formed in my mind, wouldn't it be cool if...?

It didn't really happen like that. I've been lurking the internet for years, scanning through rules and rules and more rules, googling pictures of miniatures with a post apocalyptic look, gathering miniature gaming paraphernalia and such.

I just got the feeling "it's now or never". So, I've cleared up the basement to get a small workshop in a corner, and started crafting on some toy cars and this blog, where I intend to post pictures of the progress.

Bear in mind that I work almost full time and have a wife and three kids to look after, so don't go expecting every day updates now. See you!